Monday, July 16, 2007

Mrs. Darcy finished! buttons, buttons, buttons

Well, after a lot of fiddling with the sleeves (my fault, trying to do them top down in one piece) I finally finished! Now for the button hunt. I confess. I am NOT a button person! So when I went to the sewing/craft supply area in Bangkok to look for some, I knew I was in for a hard time ...

See what I mean?
And that isn't even a quarter of the buttons! There were plastic buttons, metal buttons, wooden buttons, buttons made from coconut shells, from bamboo, from shells, from bone ... I mean !!!!!

SO. I ended up using some old buttons in my sewing stuff at home. Not exciting, but I figured when niece Mandy gets the sweater, we can change the buttons to something SHE wants!

Now on to finishing the NEXT project ... Samantha!