Friday, June 22, 2007

Still hanging in there

I joined a knit-along for a really cute sweater called Mrs. Darcy by the clever designer. Decided to use some very old (20+ years) chenille-like stuff in my stash. Needed to be wound. Now, I inherited a knitting machine, very old, and with all the stuff that was included there was a winder - a real serendipitous WOW! So I decided to use it for the first time. No problems with the first three skeins. The third ... somehow, it was all twisted and I spent four hours trying to get it unscrambled before finally giving up and cutting it - twice. But I didn't give up!

Now most of that yarn is in a beautiful emerald green sweater - just the sleeves left to do. I did the sweater in one piece and now I'm dithering over doing the sleeves from the top down or separately and then *ugh* sew them in...

Got a co-worker to try it on for a picture - I just wish the color came out green instead of blue!

**Home project: started a new lap robe for a dear friend - using yarn brought over by another dear friend! How wonderful is that! It is a variegated pink.

**Bus/boat project: Started another Moebius yesterday, this one with a pattern and in a lighter colored yarn (again from my VERY large stash) so the pattern can be seen better. Interesting work, to say the least!

Now for the weekend ... and so much busyness that I doubt I'll get much knitting done!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Knitting saves the day!

I guess I was so shocked at starting a blog that I never came back!

I live in Bangkok. Anyone who has ever been here knows that means I spend a lot of time commuting. For years I just read or sat/stood there. Then I got an idea: KNIT! Ah, yes! A good place to knit! Air conditioned! So I hauled out my needles, got my stash out of the top cupboards and artistically placed the boxes around the living room, encouraged my college age niece to order knitted items from me and I was set!

Since then, I started knitting at work ... I have down time quite frequently in the afternoon, and started knitting at home. So, typically, I have three projects going: one for the bus/boat commute, one for work, and one at home. The home one will be the big one, not portable (such as afghans), the work one a more intricate pattern and the bus one more of a mindless pattern.

With three hour traffic jams not uncommon, believe me, knitting on the bus saves my sanity! (Also helps my husband's since he doesn't have to listen to me complain on my cell!). And I become very productive!