Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back again ... for how long this time?

Well, I've had an interesting few months since I last logged on ....

The sweater in the picture (Samantha) fit my sister perfectly and she loves it ... the Mrs. Darcy (modeled by my co-worker) was too small, so I frogged the whole thing and am knitting it up again, only larger this time - fortunately there will be plenty of yarn still, since it WAS a stash buster sweater!

And I was so privileged to be able to meet a fellow knitter, Anna, from the cold part of Europe (Sweden) - here in hot Bangkok. It was a real blast to sit in a coffee shop and do a few rows of knitting - but the most fun was just meeting someone. She gave me some really sweet mementos - two darling stitch markers - one of which I used immediately, on my way home that day! - and a very special gift of Addi needles! I've heard so much about them, I'm thrilled to actually have some to try out!

I made my trip to the US in April and had lots of knitted goodies to pass out - will have to upload the pictures and post them.

... So will I be more regular in my blog? Will try!