Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back again ... for how long this time?

Well, I've had an interesting few months since I last logged on ....

The sweater in the picture (Samantha) fit my sister perfectly and she loves it ... the Mrs. Darcy (modeled by my co-worker) was too small, so I frogged the whole thing and am knitting it up again, only larger this time - fortunately there will be plenty of yarn still, since it WAS a stash buster sweater!

And I was so privileged to be able to meet a fellow knitter, Anna, from the cold part of Europe (Sweden) - here in hot Bangkok. It was a real blast to sit in a coffee shop and do a few rows of knitting - but the most fun was just meeting someone. She gave me some really sweet mementos - two darling stitch markers - one of which I used immediately, on my way home that day! - and a very special gift of Addi needles! I've heard so much about them, I'm thrilled to actually have some to try out!

I made my trip to the US in April and had lots of knitted goodies to pass out - will have to upload the pictures and post them.

... So will I be more regular in my blog? Will try!


Anna said...


Your writing again! Thank you again for the nice silk yarn. It still sits beside me in the sofa and I'm thinking what to do with it, it needs to be a project worthy of the yarn. Knitting is slow but I've learned how to knit two-end knitting and have a first pair of mittens in progress.

Irene said...

I'm Irene & have moved to Bangkok a yr ago. I just got retrenched & am looking to start knitting again. However, I have problem finding a yarn or knit shop. Can you give me some location to get good/cheap yarn?

Tks in advance.