Thursday, June 24, 2010

Knitting was even affected by the violence - I found I could not pick up the needles. It is only just now that I'm able to knit again.

Lots of projects done before all that violence, however. And now for some reason I'm in a dishcloth mode and dug out all the dishcloth cotton yarn in my HUGE stash and have been working away at them. Found a lovely pattern for a circular one that I have been making lots of - can get two out of one ball of the yarn. Sent a bunch back to the US for Mom to put up for auction at the family reunion and I guess they brought $5 each, which is pretty good since they cost me about 50 cents to make, assuming two from each ball and I bought the balls for a buck each.

And have done a couple test knit shawls - prayer shawls- which I will send to Anne. One is in bright orange! And edged with brown and black because I ran out of orange (and there are three shades of orange too, actually). Doesn't look bad. Anne says they get a lot of people from different cultures that really like the bright colors. The second one in the same pattern is in cream, fuzzy, an old Super Yarn Mart yarn.

And found some really nice cotton here - a chenille type one that I'm making a neck warmer out of for Mandy, and some regular type thread that I'm not sure what I'll do with yet - originally thought string bag, now thinking more garment ....

And to add to all the turmoil, our company moved to the headquarters of the bank. Much stricter, emphasis is strictly looks, not function, for everything on our floor (i.e. a 'pantry' with refrigerator, microwave, hot/cold water machine - but no sink or running water, CEO's office with no sound proofing, wasted space all over the place). The move took place on the weekend they shut the center of Bangkok down - well, it was supposed to anyway - but our computers and everything were at the old office and we came to work at the new office .... Fortunately, the LAN was in and we could access the server at the old office, so once people brought in their own laptops, we could actually put out our usual work. It was a couple weeks before the stuff could be brought from the other office, which was right next to where all the red shirts were camped out. (Can't express how distressing it was to go to work every day by a roundabout route because the red shirts had piled tires and sharpened bamboo sticks across major intersections - it was just like entering a war zone and so sad. At least the route to the new office didn't go anywhere near the center of town so I didn't have to see all the arson - in fact, still haven't seen it.)

Enough catching up for now. How many years before my next entry, eh?

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