Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wash/Dish cloths

I've been in a dish/wash cloth mode since discovering a bunch of nice dish cloth cotton in my stash (plus buying more for $1 each at Michael's last trip to the US!) - made lots of neat round ones (oops, forgot the picture) - and wanted a change just in case other people got bored with them ... so remembered Mason-Dixon had one that was done in one piece, no sewing and not square, so copied it... made one as prescribed, but I like to use ALL the yarn and so I wanted to be able to adjust as I went along ... so I rewrote the Mason-Dixon wash cloth so that it was backwards (and called it the Backwards Mason Dixon washcloth) and it turned out nicely ... have done two now, one with YO and the other with Kfb increases. I think I like the YO better - lacier and will dry more easily.

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